A very belated thanks to “Calculated Risk” who helped me get this blog going. You can visit “Calculated Risk” here.

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You might wish to bookmark Freebuck.Com for some interesting daily commentary. Please note that I would say this even if I was not a guest writer today.

Elliott Wave International Announcement:

It’s “Free Week” at Elliott Wave International Starting Thursday, April 7 2005 at 12:01 a.m. EST. Those of you interested in learning more about Elliot Wave should take the opportunity sometime this week to check out what E-Wave is all about!

Here’s what visitors get for a full week starting April 7:
A full week of Intraday Forecasts of U.S., Europe and Asia stock indexes.
Forecasts throughout each trading day for the DJIA, S&P;, Nasdaq, Nikkei, DAX, FTSE, EuroStoxx 50, Hang Seng and more. Plus you will have complete access to Subscribers Only Extras like interviews, articles, special reports, our advanced online tutorial and more.

If you are at all interested in E-Wave please take the opportunity to find out more about it. Just click on the blinking E-Wave button on the right to register.

A few people have reported that some of my charts are a tad “blurry”. To be honest I have noticed the same thing. Rest assured they are very sharp when I create them and have been struggling to find a reason. An anonymous poster informed me that a much sharper chart can be seen by clicking on the image. Try it, it works. Also my friend Professor Piggington has given me a few tips and has suggested that my problem might be that I am creating charts that a are just a tad large and when “blogger” dynamically resizes them resolution is lost. I will be trying out his solution sometime later this week. In the meantime just click on an image for a much sharper chart.

Later this evening check back in as I will be doing a piece on “Free Trade”.

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