I did not envision part II coming so quickly. In fact I did not plan one at all. Yet, here it is. Perhaps I had a hunch went I went back and added this finish to my previous post: “Just to make sure people do not mistake this for USA bashing, the EU is equally guilty with their protectionist farm subsidies. The difference being (for now), no one has either the political will or a bat big enough to force changes in the EU. Canada does, and they should use it.”

Mish is now wondering: Is it possible to play hardball with mushheads?

Chirac says EU must never become ‘mere free-trade area’.

French president Jacques Chirac said ahead of a summit on the future of Europe that the EU must never become “a mere free-trade area” In a piece in the Financial Times, Chirac also refloated his idea of “pioneering groups” to forge ahead with various EU initiatives following the rejection by French and Dutch voters of Europe’s constitution.

But the French president made no mention of the contentious issue of the British rebate, which UK prime minister Tony Blair wants to avoid during tomorrow’s summit at Hampton Court, outside London. The EU would be betraying its heritage if it gave up its model of the social market economy “France will therefore never let Europe become a mere free-trade area,” he said. “We want a political and social Europe rooted in solidarity,” he said. Chirac also said that while the EU should respect each of its members, “states wishing to act together in addition to the common policies should be allowed to form pioneering groups.” He added: “Such groups must remain open to those wanting to join them. We did so with the euro.”

Following is a simple translation of what Chirac is saying:
France must never give up farm subsidies no matter what the UK or anyone else thinks.

On that note, here are a few select comments that were publicly posted in response to Part I .

“The US govt doesn’t run the country anymore. It is run by lobbyists. Lobbyists for big business, special interest groups and a certain middle eastern country. It must be terribly frustrating for the millions of intelligent, fair and balanced Americans.”

“If the USA can bully Canada in such a manner, just imagine how the USA is bullying other countries. Now it’s easy to understand why so many people around the world dislike Americans (but are afraid to say so openly fearing even more bullying).”

“The Bush administration is not in favor of Free Trade. Nor are they against Free Trade. They could care less about Free Trade. Nor do they care about being consistent on any issue or point of view. Instead they care only about rewarding friends and cronies. They are in favor of that which most benefits their corporate backers at any given moment. If ‘Free Trade’ benefits them when talking about access to energy they are all for it. But if ‘Free Trade’ does not benefit them when talking about lumber then they are against it. This is the mentality of a petty criminal. This is the mentality of the Bush Administration.”

That last comment was posted by “Chive”. I absolutely agree but would like to make one modification to the last sentence as follows: “This is the mentality of protectionists in the Bush Administration as well as protectionists in the EU. Heck, it is the mentality of protectionists everywhere, the US and EU merely being the worst of the lot.”

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