It seems that distinguished cats prefer American Express.

Last month Marilyn Hecox’s 4-year-old black domestic short-hair, Samson, received an offer for the American Express Rewards Plus Gold Card.

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“At first it’s funny. Then you get a little nervous about it,” Mrs. Hecox said, sitting in her dining room and thumbing through the application with a puzzled look on her face while Samson sat at the door waiting to be let outside.

“As the membership criteria at American Express remains stringent, the Rewards Plus Gold Card is difficult to acquire for all but the most financially disciplined,” the application letter starts off.

“Only a select group of people will ever carry the Rewards Plus Gold Card. It instantly identifies you as someone special – one who has earned a superior degree of financial freedom.”

According to the Federal Reserve, Americans were carrying $2 trillion in credit card debt in September, a $300 billion increase since 2000.

How much of that is carried by cats?
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