Once again it is time for practical posts for the practical homeowner.
That could only mean one thing……
Yes Mish bloggers, here is another long awaited and long overdue Mish Household Tip.

[Note: This is strictly off track and certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with global economics. I periodically post my “tips” on a couple of stock message boards that I am on and they generally have been received well. Previous posts have been on how to catch raccoons living under one’s porch, why it matters the order in which one paints their front porch vs. sealing their driveway, how to fix a flat on a wheelbarrow, and other such helpful advice. Actually my advice is generally practical advice on how NOT to do something. As a public service announcement and without further ado I am pleased to announce my latest set of household tips.]

Mish’s Tips For Today.

1) Do not attempt to thaw out a frozen bottle of Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar on a high setting in your microwave. Even if you think you can watch it, the phone just might ring and you just might leave to take the call, only to return to the kitchen and find that the label on the bottle of vinegar actually caught fire with smoke billowing out of the microwave.

2) This is a taste preference kind of thing but I prefer Pompeian over some of the crappier brands.

3) Enquiring minds might wonder how that bottle of vinegar got frozen in the first place. That of course leads to tip number three: Do not turn the settings on your freezer and refrigerator to max and leave them there for extended periods of time.

4) Some feeble minds might leave it at that. But many Mish readers are made of sterner stuff and would not easily be satisfied with such fluff answers. More inquisitive readers just might be enquiring as to why Mish turned up the settings in the first place. This of course leads to tip number 4: Do not go on a rampage buying pork chops and steaks and other stuff that is on sale, so much so that it does not really fit in one’s freezer compartment. If you do, you might be tempted to cram it all in to the point there is no cold air circulation and stuff starts to thaw out. In time this leads to one’s freezer compartment and ice maker dripping water all over the floor, forming big puddles that have to be mopped up. Then, in an attempt to stop the dripping, one just might be tempted to turn the refrigerator dials to the “cold side”.

Here is the bottom line: If you overstock your freezer you just might end up with the label on a bottle of Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar catching fire in your microwave to nicely compliment the puddles of water all over the floor the day before.

As always, I speak from practical experience on these matters.

Mike Shedlock / Mish/