My advice is simple:
Get a friend to wrap your gifts for you.
Better yet a friend of your wife.
Most will be pleased to do it for you too.

Not only will they be able to wrap gifts far far better than you can, they will be much more creative at saying things you want to say but don’t.

The wrapping will not only be excellent but the tags are likely to say something like “To my beautiful wife… From your worshiper” rather than the zero creative points award that I might write such as “to Joanne from Mike”.

Now you have to admit the former is going to get far higher praise than the latter. There is one caveat here. Make sure the bag you give to your friend to wrap is indeed stuff for your wife and not for you (or heaven forbid someone else). If you are forgetful some stuff might not even be for Christmas at all as we shall see in a moment.

Please note that while some people are excellent wrappers and excellent at coming up with wonderful greeting tags they might show zero common sense as to what is to be wrapped or not and what is really for who.

For example: Lat year I bought a couple of books for myself and they were wrapped for Joanne even though she would not be reading what I do in a million years. That obviously was my fault. My wrapper might have known, but perhaps not. I accept full responsibility.

But what about this? What if you buy gifts at Thanksgiving and toss in a loaf of cinnamon bread for the Friday after Thanksgiving and forget about it? Well if you just hand the bag to your “certified wrapper”, depending on the common sense level of said wrapper, you just might get (or rather your wife just might get) a loaf of one month old cinnamon bread beautifully gift wrapped with a clever tag to boot for Christmas.

Bear in mind the wrapper is likely to blame you should such a thing happen even though it shows zero common sense on behalf of the wrapper. Please tell me who is to blame for that? I think the wrapper deserves 90% of the blame but she thinks Mish should get 90% of the blame.

Yes this really did happen last year. So …. as my “certified wrapper” was wrapping this evening, I double checked the bags to make sure everything was A-OK.

This concludes yet another Mish household tip. I am pleased to offer practical advice such as this from time to time. Apologies offered in advance to anyone offended by the “For Men Only” label. Apologies also offered for posting what seems to be at first glance non-economic news. To the extent that this keeps men happily shopping, I am pleased to be able to lend support to our fragile economy.

Mike Shedlock / Mish/