There was a Mish oversight that needs to be corrected.
I failed to give proper credit to Keith Taylor and The Wall Street Examiner for use of the image Men In Green in my post Mish’s Movie Review.

Keith Taylor is nothing short of brilliant with his graphic images.
Here are a few more.

Barn Door Economics
Does this sum up Fed policy or what?

How about this one?
Strong First Impressions?

Not only does Keith do a fantastic job but Lee Adler and his entire crew at The Wall Street Examiner do.

Occasionally I post there as do a few other of my friends from Silicon Investor, most notably Russ Winter. Time constraints including The Survival Report, podcasts on Howe Street and other commitments such as keeping this blog running have me more than over allocated at the moment.

It seems I have far more stuff to write about than I have time to write.
Can anyone clone me? Would you want to if you could?

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