The following text is straight from Mike Morgan.
He sent a copies to various people at Lennar and to the Miami Herald as well.

During my conversation with our Building Official, Larry Massing the other day, I noted that Lennar has insisted their homes are defect free and built to code. This is a an absolute and intentional lie, as well as a fraud on the County and the homeowners that have purchased these homes. Instead of admitting they have a problem, they are compounding and perpetuating the lies, fraud and misrepresentations. I told Larry that on the first home we inspected, the roof was defective and not built to code. In fact, all of the roofs we inspected were defective and not built to code, but I would like to comment on what Lennar did on the first roof.

After Lennar insisted the roof was fine, they quietly ripped the entire roof off and replaced it. I’m not sure if they needed a permit to rip a roof off a home that received a CO, but it would appear someone at the County level should have approved and investigated this. If they did need a permit, once again, they have violated the laws of our County. If a permit and re-inspection were required and not obtained, I am requesting that the County fine and penalize Lennar to the maximum extent allowed.
Moreover, pursuant to the PUD Agreement, in light of the issues at Martin’s Crossing, I am hereby requesting a Public Hearing to discuss the issues in the open with home owners provided the opportunity to present their problems.

And I will go one step further. We are going to be applying for a building permit to have a roof removed and replaced, so we can demonstrate that what is hidden beneath the tiles is defective and not built to code. We are also going to cut away walls inside a home and bring in an engineer of the County’s approval to take stucco samples, conduct a mold inspection, inspect all electrical wiring and systems, etc. etc. All of this will be filmed and well documented by the engineering firm and the media.

Once we start taking this home apart, we will methodically continue to inspect all components and stages of construction. I can assure you, that you will be appalled at what we find. I am requesting a Public Hearing and a work stop on all Lennar communities and homes in Martin’s County, as well as a hold on discussion of any and all future Lennar communities in Martin County until the issues at Martin’s Crossing are addressed.

I would like to coordinate our selection of the engineering firm with Mr. Massing as soon as possible.

As you know, Lennar has filed a lawsuit against me. This will not stop me. I will address all of the issues in court. Litigation will involve the County, since Lennar is relying on County inspections to go after me in attempt to silence me. Now is the time for the County to address these issues with Lennar before the Lennar pins all of the problems on the fact that their homes received County inspections and CO’s. That’s the position they have taken, and it will be a shame to let them get away with that kind of baloney. This is not a County inspection problem.



Morgan is clearly putting his money where his mouth is.
I doubt it will be good for Lennar.

Mike Shedlock / Mish