It is hard to get a descriptive title into a short line. I am not giving home builder reviews, but rather asking for them. More specifically, Mike Morgan at MorganFlorida is asking for them. The following is from Morgan.

Our new website was launched today: Builder Reviews

We will be adding to this site “daily.” Right now, my two assistants and I are overwhelmed with the number of responses we have received. I need a few days to catch up, but watch this site for up to the minute information about Lennar homes throughout the United States.

Last week we were contacted by a national class action litigation firm. Yesterday we were contacted by an insurance industry executive. The insurance industry executive found us. That’s six months ahead of schedule for my plans. Our goal is to stop the builders that are getting away with selling defective homes. The only ones with the resources needed to fight the builders, are the insurance executives. You’re going to see some very amazing things over the next two years.

What will a national builder say on a conference call, when the insurance industry refuses to insure their homes?

We’re moving forward with plans to take a Lennar home apart. We will be using an internationally recognized forensic engineering company, and every phase of the process will be documented by an investigative reporter for national broadcast. Stay tuned.


Here is a snip from Morgan’s new website.

Southern California – I bought a home from Lennar at the end of October 2005. Since then it has been a living hell. Multiple water leaks and months to repair because they are too busy building other homes next door. They used green lumber that results in severely bowed walls, ceilings, doorways. So bad they moved me out for 2 weeks (me, wife, and 3 little girls– oh yea 3800 in food and lodging that I had to front) they could try and fix it. When they opened the walls up to try and square things up they realized the entire house was sub standard work with studs that were split, twisted, bashed, splintered, uneven, moldy, and even broken in truss areas. They rushed to cover things back up as fast as possible, lied to my face about the repair to the framework. They have damaged my front yard concrete work, damaged my wood floors, terrible job even on the 2nd and 3rd attempts to correct. Now their answer is to move me out again, and again, until things are ok with me. Nearly 8 months later and I have yet to enjoy a finished product. Windows don’t close right, my garage door literally crunched like a beer can under it’s own operation, I have cracks in the foundation, stucco cracks like spider webs, etc. I am sending the photos I have, they are not much but surely capture the “un-workman like” fashion that these corner cutters produced. (Received from Lennar Home Owner – Posted June 20, 2006)

Mike Morgan encourages you to send your Lennar (and other homebuilder) experiences both good and bad to Note: this post from Morgan is the perfect lead in to something I have been working on with Jack McCabe of McCabe Research & Consulting on litigations. Class actions lawsuits are just the beginning of a “Litigation Nightmare”. Please stay tuned.

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