Following is a report on a taxpayer revolt in just one small town in Massachusetts. I believe it is indicative of what is coming down the pike across the nation in Smalltown USA, Midtown USA, and Bigtown USA.

Please consider Freetown rejects all 8 override requests.

FREETOWN — In no mood for a tax increase, voters Monday turned thumbs down to all eight Proposition 2½ override requests, including nearly half a million dollars for the elementary school.

Had the entire $740,268 in override requests passed, the average residential taxpayer would have had to cough up an extra $174 a year, according to the Finance Committee.

“I am obviously very, very disappointed,” said Superintendent Stephen J. Furtado. “(Principal Robert Frizelle) and I are going to be spending a good part of Tuesday and Wednesday reviewing the options available to us. I feel badly for the staff and students, but the people of Freetown have spoken loud and clear. Now, we have to move forward and do the best we can with what we have.

“I don’t think the quality of education will be anywhere near what people want it to be at the elementary school, but we will do the best with what we have.”

Item by item from the story

Question 1, seeking $5,000 for the Assessor’s Office, was defeated, 1,255 to 348.

Question 2, seeking $50,023 for the Police Department came the closest to being approved, with 880 voting against and 734 in favor.

Question 3, seeking $89,673 for the Fire Department was rejected, 908 to 700. Chief Wayne Haskins said $89,673 would be needed to avoid drastic cuts.

Question 4, seeking $25,136 for the Communications Center was defeated, 1,143 to 465.

Question 5, seeking an additional $455,142 for Freetown Elementary, was soundly rejected, with 1,036 voting against the measure and 573 in favor.

Question 6, seeking $66,125 for the Highway Department for striping and catch basin cleanup, was rejected, 1,120 to 477.

Question 7, seeking $6,815 to keep the Council on Aging open on Fridays, was rejected, 1,025 to 585.

Question 8, seeking $42,354 for staff and hours at the libraries, was turned down, 925 to 692.

A Clean Sweep

I like this attitude “Now, we have to move forward and do the best we can with what we have.”

Congratulations to the voters of Freetown, Massachusetts who had the courage to just say no, to everything. This was a very impressive clean sweep. I expect this to become a nationwide trend.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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