As shocking as it may seem, a new wave of frugality has hit feminine attire. FemaleFirst has the scoop on the newest Beauty Buzz: Go Nude!

With winter winding down and spring fast approaching, we thought we’d share with you some beauty news which is set to take next year by storm. Yes, that’s right it’s time to bare all and go nude.

No, we don’t mean stripping in public and converting to naturism or anything like that! This sort of ‘nude’ requires you stripping back your beauty regime and going back to basics.

Nude Tips For 2009 From The Article

  • Forget the heavy nail colouring. Nude nail varnishes are set to be huge, so treat yourself to a manicure and invest in a sheer coating.
  • Switch your heavy black mascara for either clear or brown.
  • Instead of sticky lip gloss bag yourself a fruity lip balm or Vaseline, which will keep your lips healthy and moisturised without looking too overdone.
  • Do something so radical and unheard for the New Year that you may need to sit down and take deep breaths. That’s right, it’s time to ditch the fake tan.

So apart from us saving bucket loads of money, it will officially be ‘in’ to be pale this spring…don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There you have it women, it’s time to embrace the pale look. Trust me on this: You will look better without all that caked on foundation and powder anyway. I guarantee it.

Kiss Liz Claiborne Goodbye

Conventional wisdom suggests that beauty products are recession proof. Show conventional wisdom who’s the boss. Kiss Liz Claiborne Accessories Goodbye.

You might not even have a choice in the matter as Liz Claiborne Takes A Nose-Dive.

Retail stocks stalled Tuesday as the sector’s main indicator slipped based on mixed recent sales news.

One big loser was Liz Claiborne Inc. (LIZ) which plummeted 22% to $2.33 after Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services lowered its long-term corporate-credit and senior unsecured-debt ratings on the company to BB- from BB+, citing the weak retail environment. S&P; also took the ratings off review for a possible further downgrade.

Liz Weekly Chart

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Makeup Bags

Question for the ladies:
Do you really need this multicolored Liz Claiborne Make-Up Bag?

I think not, especially now that you have decided to ditch your makeup and go nude.

And while you’re on a savings spree, kiss the nail salon and the tanning salon goodbye as well. The former is a waste of money, the latter ages your skin which in turn has you buying wrinkle removers and other such stuff.

Encouragement For A Difficult Mission

I know this is a difficult task so I am repeating a public service announcement from my November 14th article Retail Sales Plunge Most On Record.

Learning To Live Without

Big ticket items are the first to go as it’s relatively easy to postpone putting off buying a new car. However, the frugality mindset eventually reaches the stage where every possible expense is reduced, yes, even nail salons, no matter how difficult that is.

Please consider Learning to live without.

When economic times got tough, Selena Alexander got tougher – on her budget. Alexander, 56, is the mental health/disabilities coordinator at Childhood Development Services. The Star-Banner asked Alexander how she’s cutting back. Here’s an edited transcript of her responses:

The hardest thing for me to do was stop getting my nails done. It took me a good eight to 12 weeks to make up my mind about my nails.

I was serious about my nails. For eight years, I got my nails done every two weeks or at least once a month. I was spending $45 to $50 a month on pedicure and manicures. I don’t do it at all anymore. That was hard for me. Now, I use Nutra Nail Green Tea. It’s a growth treatment for nails. I’ve got nails. They’re not long, but they’re long enough.

I don’t go to the hair salon anymore. I used to get partial weaves and that costs $65. I just do my hair myself at home. I either keep it rolled in curls and go or just wear wigs.

I sat down and really took a long time to think about what I could really get rid of. I thought about what was important. I’m saving a good $300 a month. But the trick is that you have to watch that you don’t spend it somewhere else.

I’m going to have to stick with what I’m doing for at least another year or year and a half because I don’t think the economy is going to change anytime soon. I wish I had done this a year ago. It took not having spending money to do this.

Secret Is Out

The nail salon industry will hate me for this but I am spilling the beans on the biggest secret in the nail industry.

Nutra Nail promises longer, stronger, beautiful nails in just 7 days … guaranteed.

By the way, this is not really an endorsement. I have no idea if this stuff works or not. If it does, I am pleased to do may part to keeping nails beautiful in these frugal times.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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