Late last night I was saddened to learn that the investment community had lost Bennet Sedacca, one of the brightest minds anywhere when it comes to understanding the credit crisis, fixed income investing, risk management, and a nearly endless list of other items, too lengthy to mention.

Bennet graciously shared his thoughts in numerous Minyanville article and I frequently referenced them in my blog. A few days ago Bennet wrote a classic piece that I thought was so good that instead of commenting on it, I submitted it to John Rubino at Dollar Collapse for “Best of the Web”.

Bennet’s article, A Beatles’ Guide to the Bear Market is still on the scrolling “Best of the Web” list.

Times like these show us what is important and what is not. Indeed, too much energy is wasted on what is not. If you have not yet done so, please read A Tribute to Bennet Sedacca by Todd Harrison.

As Todd said, “Rest in peace, my friend. I love you, and you will most certainly be missed.

Goodbye Bennet, you were among the best of the best.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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