I received a unique email from Scott Moore about the State of the Economy.

Scott writes:

Hi Mish,
I’m an artist in Laguna Beach, California and I’m painting a 5 1/2′ x 7′ canvas on the state of the economy. Here’s some details from the painting and work in progress:

I will be using vintage banks to represent the various areas of the economy. A plastic piggy bank will represent our personal monetary problems. Sometimes real people pose as models for my work.

Today the sun was out and Budge, a good friend and client posed as my businessman for this painting. I tied a rope onto the end of an extension ladder which I lashed to the house (you can see the shadow of the ladder on the cement just past Budge).

Detail of Budge on the mural.

Details added to AIG pig

I’m also beginning to label some of the objects in the sky with the names and logos/logotypes of failing institutions like Chrysler, Bear Stearns, and Fannie Mae.

We would not want to forget Bernie Madoff would we?

Of course there’s Bank of America.

Here is the original concept as laid out in Photoshop. The one ray of hope will be one lone figure, representing each of us as we try to hold onto what seems to be slipping away. There will be chess pieces randomly placed across a spanse of chessboard hills, illustrating the financial ‘game’ that seems impossible to play.

The final rendition is beginning to take shape but I still have a couple more months before it is complete.

Thanks Scott

Scott’s website has many additional details on this and other paintings that are well worth a look. Please visit Scott Moore’s Gallery where he takes you step by step through the creation of “The Money Game” and other original works.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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