Unions just don’t get it. People are fed up with paying higher taxes to support their wages and their ridiculous pension plans. Amazingly, unions are even biting the Democrats’ hands that feed them.

Please consider State’s budget crisis opens rift between unions and Democrats.

The relationship between Democratic leaders and some of their labor benefactors has turned particularly frosty: Many of the programs union members rely on for paychecks — and the unions rely on for dues — have been slated for deep cuts.

For example, there are pledge forms being passed around to lawmakers by a major labor union that might have attracted takers in budget battles past. The union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, wants the legislators to sign statements of support for up to $44 billion in new or higher taxes on the wealthy, oil companies, tobacco and other industries, products and people.

But so far the drive hasn’t produced a single signed form, even from the Democrats who normally march into California’s budget fights in lock-step with organized labor.

“Many public employee unions, teacher unions [are] thinking that they were thrown under the bus in the last budget,” said Assemblyman Charles Calderon (D-Montebello). “So now they’re asking themselves: If these Democrats are not going to stand up for us, then what good is it to have them there?

The union leaders say they are appalled that Democratic leaders are talking openly now about decimating government programs without first making a stand for bigger, broader tax hikes that could substantially offset budget cuts.

“Democrats came to Sacramento to help people,” said Marty Hittleman, president of the California Federation of Teachers. “I know they did not go there to destroy government. For some reason, they are unwilling to stand up and say ‘This is not what I was elected for.’ “

The next step for unions could be going directly to voters. One labor-backed group, the California Tax Reform Assn., has prepared a possible ballot measure to repeal the three corporate tax cuts Democrats agreed to in the last year to get GOP support for the budget.

I hope unions are dumb enough to go directly to the voters. The arrogance of the unions is staggering. What is it they fail to understand about the California propositions that were recently voted down?

Indeed California Voters Immediately Rewarded For Voting Down Propositions 1A Thru 1E.

Union Leaders Are Brain Dead

People are tired of property taxes, sin taxes, taxes on the rich, taxes on the poor, taxes on oil, taxes on industries, and taxes on taxes.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is brain dead to think the public will support petitions to hike taxes. What planet are these people from?

Marty Hittleman, president of the California Federation of Teachers, needs to get a clue. Better yet, he needs to get a real job instead of being a parasite dependent on tax hikes.

Actually I thank the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the California Federation of Teachers for being brain dead. Their arrogance is going to offend lots of people who otherwise would normally support them. The growing rift between unions and Democrats is proof enough.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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