Last month I was invited to give a speech at Google on the economy. It was an honor. The speech appeared on Youtube a few days ago and Calculated Risk posted it. The speech is about 9 minutes long with a question and answer on the economy for roughly another 50 minutes.

Many now know that Calculated Risk created the first template for this blog in early 2005 and for that I will forever be grateful.

There are many people who helped me along the way that deserve some credit for making this blog what it is. Here are some of the people I failed to mention in the above video:

A poster on Silicon Investor by the name of Heinz Blasnik taught me much of what I know about Austrian Economic.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture Blog went out of his way in the early years to promote my blog and he helped many others as well.

Todd Harrison at Minyanville took a chance and made me a “professor” (an honorary term for the Minyanville writers) even though I was not part of the hedge fund group that predominated Minyanville thinking at the time.

Of the “professors”, Kevin Depew, John Succo, Mr. Practical, and Bennet Sedacca have influenced my thinking a great deal. Kevin was among the very few who got the deflation trade correct. Bennet Sedacca at Atlantic Advisors was the best fixed income trader anywhere. Sadly, Bennet is no longer with us.

Many people have contributed to my blog but wish to remain nameless: “BC”, “TC”, and “CS” are at the top of that list. I also want to thank people from all over the world who send me articles even if I cannot properly acknowledge them.

Unlike others, I do not give “hat tips” because I frequently read emails in last in first out fashion, often reading early morning emails after midnight. If I gave “hat tips” I would nearly always be thanking someone who was not the first to send me something.

I comment on more Bloomberg articles than any other source and of the Bloomberg authors, Caroline Baum certainly deserves a mention.

Those who provided charts from time to time include Chris Puplava at Financial Sense, “Bart” at Now and Futures, and “Nick” at Sharelynx Gold. Of those frequently referring to this blog, John Rubino at DollarCollapse , Aaron Krowne at ML-Implode, and Patrick at Patrick.Net stand out.

On the air waves, George Noory at Coast to Coast, Charles Goyette, Howe Street, and Lew Rockwell have all supported me on numerous occasions.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank my partner, Brian McAuley at Sitka Pacific Capital Management for teaching me many critical things about trading. Please note however, the thoughts on this blog represent my thinking, not necessarily that of Sitka Pacific.

If you get the idea that numerous people contributed to the success of this blog, then you have the right idea. I am quite sure I left out many people who have helped me along the way and if you are in that group then a sincere thanks to you as well.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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