For those who like Microsoft Internet Explorer as well as those who must use it whether they like it or not, I have this public service announcement from “Fedwatcher”.


Go to “Tools”, select “Compatibility View Settings”, and click on “Display all websites in Compatibility View”.

Mish’s site uses to much CPU in the IE8 default view, much less in “Compatibility View”. Many other websites including also benefit from this.

IE8’s new ‘features’ are incompatible with many websites, driving many users to Firefox. So far, the change (running all sites in Compatibility View) has worked for me.

Thanks “Fedwatcher”

I do not use Microsoft IE8 but rather Firefox so I cannot verify the above. However, “Fedwatcher” is a trusted associate so if you are using IE and are having performance issues you may want to give it a try. Note that problems might not affect those with very high end computers so improvements may vary.

I suspect but cannot verify that IE8 performance problems may affect sites like Minyanville and blogs with lots of graphs and videos like Calculated Risk and Big Picture. I can say that my site does load faster in Firefox than IE but I have not tested “Compatibility View Settings”.

Instead, I use and recommend Firefox.

Firefox is free, faster, safer, and better (at least in my opinion). It has nice options like spellcheck. Here is a list of Firefox Features. You can Download Firefox at Mozilla.


ManyardGKeynes writes:

Glad to see that all those dividends Microsoft retained over the years are being spent so wisely. Billions of $$ were wasted on an operating system (Vista) that has negative value for most customers, and on a web browser that only works in emulation mode of the previous edition. Unfortunately, this is more the norm for American corporations than an exception.

Want another example? Finally, in 2010, Ford may at long last have made a Taurus as good as the one it introduced in 1985, after 25 years and several multi billion $$ redesigns.

I won’t mention GM.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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