This is a public service announcement from “Art” regarding cell phone charges.

“Art” writes:


I just renegotiated my cell phone (two lines) with one provider and my cable/land line/internet with another provider. I barely pushed anything and both providers jumped all over themselves to get me better deals. Overall I got about a 30% price reduction on all of it with some service increases. I was surprised at how little push it took for me. If I had been aggressive and studied their rate structures and deals better I could have gotten more. Deflation is here.


I cannot verify the above but it certainly cannot hurt to ask. I suspect all it takes a phone call telling your provider you are shopping for better rates, and asking for the best deal they have.

If they ask you what you were quoted elsewhere, tell them you have just started looking and you started with them, unless of course you do have a better offer elsewhere. Honesty, as always, is the best policy.

Maybe Art was on a crappy plan, maybe not, but it cannot hurt to try.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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