In reference to Price Wars Between Wal-Mart, Amazon I received a few Emails. Here is one from “ML” who writes…


Regarding your latest Price Wars post and grocery prices, our family and Seattle-area community certainly relate.

My wife started a little website for her friends called where she researches the weekly ads, compares the weekly coupons made available via newspaper and online sources, and publishes ways for families to take advantage of the new marketing campaigns grocery chains are running where shoppers who do their homework can cut their grocery budget by well over 50% beyond even the price cuts.

You wouldn’t believe how many people are contacting her to find out how these programs work. This week, for example, she spent a little less than $40 at Albertsons and the receipt shows an overall savings of over $180.00! (see the website for a copy of the receipt).

The three people in line behind her all stopped her from leaving to ask her how she did it. She explained the program and told them to look at the website for updated information each week. This isn’t just the grocery chains either. Walgreen has a program that includes a type of shopping game where shoppers basically get their purchases for free, thanks to a combination of manufacturer rebates and the retailer specials.

Every week we routinely can pick up $20-$30 worth of items paying only the state sales tax. We find that people are sharing this kind of information via email, Facebook, Twitter and other sources on a real-time basis and it spreads like wildfire.

People are definitely value conscious!

I think companies are keeping their revenue streams fairly intact using these programs, but it’s got to be killing their bottom line. Inventories will be sold, but the profits are eroding at record prices. The question is, how long can they continue before we start to see major changes?

Keep up the great work, Mish!


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Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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