The New York Times is reporting Senator Dodd Will Not Seek Re-election.

Senator Christopher J. Dodd, the embattled Connecticut Democrat who was facing an increasingly tough bid for a sixth term in the United States Senate, has decided not to seek re-election this year, Democrats familiar with his plans said Wednesday.

The decision came hours after another Democratic senator, Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota, also announced that he would not seek re-election this November. The developments underscored the fragility of the Democrats’ 60-vote Senate majority, which is just enough to block Republican filibusters. Democratic incumbents also face serious challenges in Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada and Pennsylvania among other states.

Mr. Dodd’s troubles escalated in 2008 when he was one of two Democratic senators — the other was Kent Conrad of North Dakota — who had been accused of receiving improper discounts from Countrywide Financial. In August, the Senate Select Committee on Ethics ruled that it had found “no credible evidence” that the senators had violated gift rules in accepting the loans.

But the committee criticized Mr. Dodd and Mr. Conrad for not avoiding the appearance of impropriety. Both Mr. Dodd and Mr. Conrad had been members of the “Friends of Angelo” V.I.P. program at the bank, named after Angelo R. Mozilo, the chief executive of Countrywide.

As chairman of the Senate banking committee, he had a central role in both the huge government rescue of the financial system and the economic stimulus package that was adopted at the start of last year.

Good riddance. Dodd’s best achievement since his election in 1980 is stepping aside now.

A nice gridlock where Obama can do no more damage would be a good thing. All it takes is a few senate seats and a gain of 30+ seats in the House. It would be better yet if Republicans could take control of the house as that would all but guarantee gridlock.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the best we can realistically hope for is gridlock. Until both parties get some fiscal religion however, that is likely the best we can do.

But never give up hope. Please seek out, support, and vote for candidates that have strong fiscal and monetary ideas, who also vow to end the military madness in the Mideast. One, by one, by one, we need to clean house. Dodd is a start.

Sound Money Candidates

If you are looking for some sound money candidates to vote for, there you go.

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