Here is in interesting conversation that occurred yesterday in the comment section of this blog. It began with “Jade” announcing he was about to be laid off.

“Jade” Writes:

As of this Monday I’ll be officially laid off from my primary place of employment, a small size video post processing house. The place is closing its doors and letting everybody go after 12 years in business.

I’ll be going though the usual channels – Unemployment Insurance benefits, other safety nets and then personal savings. I’ve got enough to last a few years, provided I don’t find another job soon. I’ve held a number of different jobs lately, so I’m not limited to just one occupation. I have worked in construction, real estate, electrical engineering, system administration etc. I am willing to try everything.

The thing that I regret the most is the loss of medical insurance and benefits. The chances of securing another full benefit position in this economic environment are non-existent, unless I go and work for a too-big-to-fail institution such as our beloved government.

I commend Jade for having enough savings to last at least a year. That aside, here is some practical advice that I was not aware of.

“Nancy Drew” Responds:

Jade, I don’t know if this is helpful to you in your area, but where I live some unemployed people are signing up for a class at the community college and getting health insurance as a student through the college.

In addition to possibly getting health insurance, there may be other benefits of being a very part-time student. My high school junior daughter is taking one music class this semester (2 credits). We found out that one class also qualifies her to access to their gym with all the modern equipment and a very fine indoor pool. She swims laps during their open swim times for free as a student.

“Jojo” Responds:

Hello Jade

With a .edu email address, you also qualify for significant discounts on software.

Windows 7 Pro was only $30!

“Evad” Responds:

Students in New Jersey get discounts on mass transit. Check out your local area.

“Lori In NC” Responds:

Hi Jade

I’m sorry to hear about your hardship. However, if you keep the attitude that you’ll try everything and keep your mind open to your potentials, you will succeed.

“RagingDebate” Responds:

Best of luck to you Jade. I am doing some interesting things in a news video format. I may have a job for you. Please Email me.

There you have it. Some good practical advice and possibly even a job offer. The odds favor those “willing to try anything”. Good luck to you Jade.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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