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Comment On Business Insider

Check out this comment (typos and all) someone posted on the Business Insider

There is a strong notion that this attack on public unions and unions in general is well organized and planned. And the very reason for this attack is that unions are still the only force that protects ordinary people and is able to resist the influence of powerful financial oligarchic groups. So these groups are trying to defeat this only force that can stop their dark plans.

Elite has financial power, but financial power is helpless against well organized crowd. And Unions is the only framework that can this crowd. Eliminate unions and this crowd can be easily controlled and manipulated.

Read Mish’s blog (, it’s amazing how hard he is trying to discredit unions. In EVERY his article he is doing every possible effort to lay blame for the crisis on unions. You just can’t help thinking that Mish is really in tight connection with some secret service and is bushing unions because he is ordered to do so.

Additional benefit of blaming unions is that unions can be used to redirect public anger and frustration for all the current economic problems.

If all this right, it means that all this economic mess is well planned and staged and is a part of some other bigger plan. That is really scary.

That’s right folks, I have been caught. I confess …

I am really tight in connection with a secret service ordered to bash unions as part of even scarier, bigger, dark plans that will soon be apparent to everyone. Under threat of death I cannot name the secret service I am part of, or precisely what those scary, dark plans are.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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