Inquiring minds are listening to President Obama proclaim Health Care Premiums Will Decrease 3000%.

Basic Math

While prices of goods and services can rise an infinite amount, the most prices fall is 100%, to zero. Of course bids on a piece of property could turn negative if a toxic waste dump was found on a site. However, Obama is discussing HealthCare, not liabilities associated with toxic waste cleanup.

Assume, you pay $5,000 a year for health insurance. To see a 3000% drop, your healthcare provider would have to pay you $145,000 to take the insurance.

This is not FantasyLand, the Twilight Zone, or Bizarro World where health care has a negative cost and providers pay you to take coverage. Therefore, president Obama is either disingenuous or in serious need of remedial math lessons.

Organizing America

In an Email earlier today, I received an ad for “The Final March For Reform” paid for by Organizing America, touting “This is Day 6: Write Congress.

They even have a sample letter urging you to blast your Congressman urging passage of ObamaCare. Instead, you may wish to click on the above link urging defeat.

Message From Ron Paul: Stop the Health Care Takeover

Finally, if you are against passage of this legislation, please sign Ron Paul’s Petition To Stop the Health Care Takeover!

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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