It’s time to take back our country. You can help. Moreover, you must help or it will not get done. There is a long list of politicians who need to be booted and some excellent choices for their replacements.

Here is a partial list of candidates I openly endorse. More names will follow later.

BJ Lawson For North Carolina 4th District

I have high hopes for BJ Lawson.
He will win with your help.
Please support BJ Lawson District 4 North Carolina
Click here to Volunteer Services For BJ Lawson

John Dennis For California 8th District

John Dennis is running against Nancy Pelosi.
He has a genuine shot but he needs your help to pull off an upset.

Please support John Dennis for District 8 California
Click here to Volunteer Services For John Dennis

Ron Paul For Texas 14th District

Please support Ron Paul for District 14 Texas
Click here to Volunteer Services For Ron Paul

Rand Paul For US Senate Kentucky

Rand Paul is ahead in some polls.
He needs your help to stay that way.

Please support Rand Paul For US Senate.
Click here to Volunteer Services For Rand Paul

Deserving Of Your Support

The above list is by no means complete.
I will add more names later.

All of the above are sound money constitutionalists who believe you know what to do with your money better than big government does. Every one of them deserves your support.

Their need for help goes far beyond cash contributions. Please, volunteer some time and sponsor signs, especially if you live in their district.

Things You Can Do

  • Host a Private Gathering
  • Phone Banking
  • Door-to-Door Canvassing
  • Be a Precinct Leader
  • Staff Events
  • Fund Raising
  • Stuff Envelopes
  • Write Letters to the Editor
  • Display a Yard Sign
  • Display a Bumper Sticker

For readers who own printing businesses, please volunteer to print yard signs or brochures for these candidates.

Every candidate on the above list is in favor of less government not more. All will support policies that will lead to business formation and more jobs.

Please do what you can to help.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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