In what I sure hope is a harbinger of political change this fall, Rice Lake Voters Elect 19-Year-Old Mayor

A young man wearing a Hollister T-shirt, shorts and sandals picked up election signs Wednesday in Rice Lake, Wis. The 19-year-old wasn’t a campaign volunteer. Romaine Quinn is the new mayor.

Quinn, who served one year on the Rice Lake City Council before being elected mayor on Tuesday, said, “Age, I don’t think, necessarily makes a difference, I mean, it’s about the issues.”

“Apparently, a lot of people wanted change,” said 78-year-old Del Hanson, who voted for Quinn.

Romaine’s big win had a lot to do with what happened on Manwaring Avenue and other roads around town. “They cut down trees that were 40 and 50 years old and put in sidewalks nobody needed or wanted,” said Richard Cerminar.

“They just didn’t listen,” said George Erickson. “Basically everybody on this street didn’t want a sidewalk.” The “improvements” being made by the city are effectively taking away half of Erickson’s front yard.

Quinn cites Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning Republican congressman from Texas, as his political role model. During his campaign, Quinn told voters he wants to hold the line on taxes, replace the city administrator and, of course, reconsider plans to put sidewalks all over Rice Lake.

He beat incumbent mayor Dan Fitzgerald with 53 percent of the vote.

This shows what is possible if you just try. Please get out the vote for some excellent choices running for Congress.

BJ Lawson For North Carolina 4th District

I have high hopes for BJ Lawson.
He will win with your help.
Please support BJ Lawson District 4 North Carolina
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John Dennis For California 8th District

John Dennis is running against Nancy Pelosi.
He has a shot but he needs your help to pull off a big upset.
If a 19 year old can beat an incumbent mayor and if a Republican 30 points down in the polls can win a senate seat in liberal Massachusetts, please don’t say it cannot be done.
Please support John Dennis for District 8 California
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Doug Cloud For Washington State 6th District

Doug Cloud will win with your help.
Please support Doug Cloud for District 6 Washington
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Edward Gonzalez For California 16th District
Please support Edward Gonzalez for District 16 California
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Ron Paul For Texas 14th District

Please support Ron Paul for District 14 Texas
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Adam Kokesh For New Mexico 3rd District

Adam Kokesh will win with your help.
Please support Adam Kokesh for District 3 New Mexico
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Rand Paul For US Senate Kentucky

Rand Paul is ahead in some polls.
He needs your help to stay that way.
Please support Rand Paul For US Senate.
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It is time to restore fiscal sanity to Congress. These candidates will do it.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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