Inquiring minds are reading a letter from the Icelandic Parliament to Gordon Brown regarding Icesave

Dear United Kingdom
In response to your demand to send cash immediately …
Please note the Icelandic Alphabet does not contain the letter “C”.
We have complied with your request as best as our language allows.
It’s not easy to conjure up a volcano at will to spew tons of ash.
Please consider our debt paid in full.
Respectfully yours

I am not sure precisely who to credit for that. I cannot claim the idea but I did find it very humorous. Several versions are floating around. I created the above text starting from a version on slashdot.

For some very interesting images of Iceland’s volcano please see Iceland Volcano Eruption Forces Cancellation of 77% of Europe Flights, Possibly Until April 22; Fascinating images.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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