This is the fourth in a series of five profiles of candidates who I believe will make a huge difference when elected.

I strongly endorse Doug Cloud for Washington District 6.

Please check out where Doug Cloud stands on the issues.

My good friend, talk show host Charles Goyette, interviewed each of 5 candidates I am recommending. The interviews are about 15 minutes long.

Please click on this link to download and play the Doug Cloud Interview with Charles Goyette.

Email From Doug Cloud

Dear Mish:

I am running a campaign against the institutionalized corruption of our current Congress.

The practice of Congress selling legislative favors to those who keep them in power is corruption at its most extreme. It endangers everything we hold dear about this country. It is destroying our legitimate hopes and dreams and replacing them with false hopes and easy promises. It is killing the moral spirit of our citizens and it is killing the economic prosperity that we expect and deserve. It is undermining our Constitution.

Congress and the political class in general, have made us all poorer, both economically and in spirit. We are left with that sense of unease that permeates our country, the sense that something is not right, the sense that nothing is permanent, and that our traditions and values are being swept away by ideas foreign to the American psyche.

The solution is for each of us individually to take back our lives. Together, we must take back the power over our lives that Congress has stolen from us. Our hopes for a better future and a secure present are dependent upon a country full of strong and free individuals. We must renew the concept of traditional American liberty. We must be unshackled from the system of influence. We must demand a stop to the peddling of our freedoms and values to a conniving political class. We must unravel the binding constraints of federal regulation. We must permit those who are ambitious to work free of the excess taxation that so hinders their effort.

The only way to change the way our federal government acts is to take back and return to the people the power that our Constitution reserved in the people. The only way to do that is to vote out the entrenched Congressional incumbents who so cynically sell our freedoms and replace them with Representatives who have stood publicly against big Government. I am running against one such incumbent, Norm Dicks, who loves taxes and earmarks and votes whichever way Nancy Pelosi tells him to vote.

As the people awake this election and elect representatives who share their love of freedom, America will once again hum with the optimistic energy of a free and vital people. Our economy will grow at rates not seen in 100 years as the innovation and genius of America once more inspires the world. We can leave our current grim and pessimistic leaders behind as we enter the glorious future our Constitution mapped for us. With the right leadership, the economic productivity of our Country will increase as our standard of living once again soars, rewarding the next generation with a better economic future and the freedom, economically and politically, that our forefathers intended. That is the American dream I envision. That is the American dream the American people deserve.

As I explained in my interview with Charles Goyette, the gray socialist nightmare that has destroyed many of the great countries of Europe now is on our doorstep.

Individuals who desire freedom must unite now and fight with all of our might or our great nation and the ideals upon which our nation was founded will perish forever.

I need help from your readers to the finish our crucial mission to take back our country and our future from the socialists who are attempting to wreck it.

Mish, on behalf of those who still crave true freedom, thank you so much for your efforts.

Sincerely yours,

Doug Cloud

It is not often voters get a chance to elect a candidate of the quality of a Ron Paul or Doug Cloud.

Please do what you can to Support Doug Cloud. If you wish to volunteer time, please Contact Doug Cloud.

It’s long overdue we elect Congressional representatives who will uphold the constitution, are fiscally conservative, and genuinely want to do something about bureaucratic waste and massive government spending.

I am very optimistic about Doug Cloud’s chances, but you have to help. Please make a contribution of time or money.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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