Following is a visualization of bank failures this year. A quick look at the Texas Ratios and other data will show you why they failed. List is sorted by date. Hover over the fields in the list box for any bank that failed this year, to see bank assets, loans and leases, deposits, and much more data.

As is always the case with these interactive visualizations, Please give them an extra few seconds to load. banks
Nations banks

Thanks to Ellie Fields and Ross Perez at Tableau Software for help with the display!

We hope to update this list every Monday or Tuesday going forward. Also I hope to have new Texas Ratios for all banks through the first quarter of 2010 sometime soon.

Texas Ratios of 7,500+ Banks

I have reposted the data in How Safe Is Your Bank? Texas Ratios of 7,500+ Banks

The underlying data was fine, but the software inadvertently totaled banks within a state that had exactly the same name. This was corrected by adding a numerical counter to make each bank unique.

A reader form Iowa caught the error noticing his bank asset size was incorrect. The error primarily affected state banks and only if more than one bank within a state had exactly the same name. Duplicate names in different states were not a problem. If you are concerned about the Texas Ratio of your bank, please check again.

Partial List of Duplicate Banks

Bank Name State Duplicates
First State Bank (TX) TX 30
First State Bank (OK) OK 16
First National Bank (TX) TX 16
Citizens State Bank (TX) TX 13
First State Bank (IA) IA 11
Farmers State Bank (KS) KS 11
Security State Bank (IA) IA 9
Farmers Savings Bank (IA) IA 9
First State Bank (NE) NE 8
First National Bank (KS) KS 8
Security State Bank (MN) MN 7
First State Bank (MN) MN 6
First National Bank (OK) OK 7
Farmers State Bank (NE) NE 7
Farmers State Bank (IA) IA 7
Farmers & Merchants State Bank (MN) MN 7
Citizens State Bank (KS) KS 7
Bank Iowa (IA) IA 7
Iowa State Bank (IA) IA 6
First State Bank (IL) IL 6
First National Bank (IA) IA 6
Citizens National Bank (TX) TX 6
Citizens Bank (TN) TN 6

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