Here’s a new stimulus plan I doubt you have seen before: Golf free if you are unemployed.

“Nightshift Mom” writes…

Hi Mish,

Here’s an ad that is currently running in our local Beaver Dam Wisconsin newspaper. Check it out! I think you will appreciate it!

The deterioration in people’s lives and local businesses that is becoming ever more apparent.

Still reading faithfully! Thanks for the light!

Nightshift mom

Thanks Nightshift Mom

It’s not exactly free, you have to pay for a cart whether you use one or not. However, this does seem like a great deal. A quick check of Rock River Country Club Golf Rates shows you save $28.00 for 18 holes if you are unemployed. The cart fee is $18.00.

The question is “How many unemployed can afford to golf at all?”

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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