This is the fifth in a series of five profiles of candidates who I believe will make a huge difference when elected.

I strongly endorse Adam Kokesh for New Mexico District 3.

Please check out where Adam Kokesh stands on the issues.

My good friend, talk show host Charles Goyette, interviewed each of 5 candidates I am recommending. The interviews are about 15 minutes long.

Please click on this link to download and play the Adam Kokesh with Charles Goyette.

Email From Adam Kokesh

Dear Mish,

Our political and economic system has become nothing more than a welfare agency for corporations and private banks. Given that it is unacceptable for private citizens to live beyond their means, the same should hold true for banks and corporations.

Perpetually bailing out failed banks and corporations when they get in trouble creates an enormous moral hazard we all know as “too big to fail”. It also creates an environment of perpetually bigger bubbles with increasingly dire consequences.

Another form of financial abuse comes from government agencies and bureaucracies created to redistribute wealth within society.

Taxpayers know what to do with their money and how to spend it far better than governments does!

Economic policy is no longer an issue of concern only to Wall Street. Economic policy affects everyone. Unfortunately, our economic policies are designed by banks and corporate lobbyists, for the benefit of banks and corporations, not for the average working class citizen who is always last in line to benefit from every recovery, and first to lose every time the economy heads south.

I have called for a full audit of the Federal Reserve Bank because we the people deserve to know where our money is going. After we have a careful examination of the effects of the policy of bailing out financial institutions, I believe there will be broad based consensus to remove such authority from the Fed altogether.

My mission is to restore financial soundness, fiscal integrity, and moral integrity to Congress, eliminating “too big to fail” while striving to keep taxpayer dollars where they belong – in your pocket, not the pockets of government bureaucrats.

Sincerely yours,

Adam Kokesh

It is not often voters get a chance to elect a candidate of the quality of a Ron Paul or Adam Kokesh.

Please do what you can to Support Adam Kokesh. If you wish to volunteer time, please Contact Adam Kokesh.

It’s long overdue we elect Congressional representatives who will uphold the constitution, are fiscally conservative, and genuinely want to do something about bureaucratic waste and massive government spending.

I am very optimistic about Adam Kokesh’s chances, but you have to help. Please make a contribution of time or money.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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