Conservative activist James O’Keefe alleges fraud by Census Bureau

The video shows three levels of supervisors promoting or ignoring the padding of hours by census employees.

Hiring and Firing of Census Employees Multiple Times

Many people sent me articles or videos about the hiring and firing of census workers multiple times to pad the employment report.

I cannot address whether or not the hiring and firing of the same employee multiple times is taking place.

However, I can state that it will not do a damn thing for the unemployment stats. The unemployment numbers come from a phone survey not from repetitive hirings and firings.

Even the headline jobs number would not be affected. That number comes from the establishment survey. One is either on the payroll or not.

The only issues at play that I can think are:

1. If someone goes through training twice and gets paid for it.
2. If supervisors are being paid on the basis of how many hires they have made.

I do not know if either of those apply, but the idea that supervisors are hiring and firing census workers to pad the employment numbers simply does not fly.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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