Here is an interesting Email from Carl Roberts, a Kentucky teacher regarding salary and benefits.

Hello Mish,

Just today, I received an email that asked me to go with some colleagues to rally for better teacher benefits.

I refuse to go. In a time of crunched state budgets, it’s irresponsible to ask for more. I feel that I am compensated adequately for my work.

For the sake of full disclosure, I am currently part of the KEA solely for their liability insurance. However, I am dropping them this summer in favor of the CEAI (Christian Educators Association International). I just need liability insurance; I don’t need a massive lobby of leeches more worried about their pocketbooks than they are about the future of education.


Carl Roberts
(The Teacher who Refused to Protest)
Secondary English Teacher

Thanks Carl.

In a second Email exchange Carl Roberts responded that it was OK to use his name. In cases like this I always ask. I never want to get someone in trouble for doing the right thing.

In Praise of Chris Christie

Here is a second email, this one from “Jack” regarding teacher pay in New Jersey vs. Texas.

Jack writes …


That was a great article about Gov. Christie and his confronting the teacher pay situation in New Jersey. That teacher has no idea how great she has it. My wife is a teacher here in the great State of Texas. We are in a well paying, wealthy district just outside of Dallas. She has a master’s degree and 10 years of experience and makes $48,500.00 a year. She is well paid on Texas standards.

If we purchased health insurance from the school district for the entire family it would cost over $1000.00 per month for the best plan available! That plan is similar to the plan I could get at my place of employment (health care) for about $450.00 per month.

We in the private sector and the public education sector in Texas have NEVER had our health insurance paid in full by our employer. Hats off to Gov. Christie for a job well done.

Frisco, TX

Thanks Jack and Carl

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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