Charlie, a Florida vendor, had a few comments regarding vendor sales. From Charlie …

Hello Mish,

“That’s all folks” is correct and right on the money.

I have a vending business here in Florida. I service manufacturing and many general businesses. All are laying off workers. I have machines that were taking in 100.00 plus dollars a week that are now doing only 5.00 per week.

This drop off is now much worse than in autumn of 2008.

Mish, please tell people to save their money because hell is on the way.


Charlie was responding to Following Yesterday’s Hype of Fastest Growth in 4 Years, June Retail Sales a “Mixed Bag”

If you are properly reading the signs, this is what you see ….

That’s All Folks

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Given the headwinds in this economy, the lack of jobs, the falling consumer confidence numbers, falling new home sales, and falling leading indicators, today may be the last hurrah for retail sales for quite some time.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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