Here is something a bit different for lighthearted weekend reading that I just stumbled upon: Writing For Readers — 5 writing styles for maximum impact by Dave Doolin.

Millions of blogs now inhabit the internet. It seems like there are a million different writing styles as well, with the writing ranging from amazingly awesome to painfully poor. As it turns out, a small number of article styles predominate on the blogs with the best writing and most popular content:

  • Snackable: Seth Godin, Behavior Gap, Calculated Risk
  • List: Mashable, Smashing Magazine
  • Journalism: Global Economic Analysis
  • Polemic (also known as “rant”): Karl Denninger
  • Shaggy dog story:

In general, the author has Calculated Risk, Denninger, and my blog labeled correctly.

Doolin defines “Snackable” as short content material, blog posts which are 200-300 words in length. Big Picture typically falls in this category as well.

Doolin defines “Journalism” as “regular articles of 1500-2500 words in length that treat a narrow topic with much more depth than one usually finds in mainstream publications”.

Of the three economic blogs discussed, Denninger comes closest to nearly always adhering to style. Calculated Risk occasionally has some long posts, typically on housing. I frequently have posts in at least four of the styles, but my typical style is certainly the long 1500-2500 word post.

This post is out of norm, perhaps a cross between a snack and a list.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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