I am pleased to report B.J. Lawson Receives Endorsements from Leading Conservative Legislators

Today the Lawson for Congress campaign received strong endorsements from the leading doctors in Congress, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). Lawson, a physician challenging Rep. David Price in North Carolina’s 4th district, has made pro-market health care reform a cornerstone of his campaign. He strongly opposes the mandates, rationing and increased bureaucratic intervention in the health care delivery process.

Dr. Tom Coburn stated, “Our health care system is broken, and has only been made worse by this administration’s actions. Americans face skyrocketing medical costs with declining quality and availability due to oppressive big government policies. Reversing these trends demands leadership that will return health care to patients and physicians, and get government and insurance bureaucracies out of our exam rooms. I’m proud to endorse Dr. William (B.J.) Lawson in his campaign for Congress in North Carolina’s 4th District. As physicians, we have sworn to uphold the Hippocratic Oath — putting patients first, and above all else, doing no harm. As public servants, we swear to uphold the United States Constitution and protect the freedoms of the American people. Dr. Lawson will stand with me in the United States Congress in support of these sacred principles.”

Dr. Ron Paul added, “B.J. will be a stalwart defender of the constitution and individual liberties. In 2008 I supported his campaign because he was talking about the Constitution, limited government and reducing our global police force, I encourage everyone to stand with me in supporting him again in 2010. We need more people of Dr. Lawson’s caliber in Washington D.C. “

“I am humbled to have the support of such principled statesmen as Drs. Coburn and Paul. If elected, I will join their fight to return to Constitutional principles, limit the size and scope of government, remove government bureaucrats from the health care delivery system and restore fiscal sanity to Congress,” said Lawson.

B.J. Lawson is a Constitutional conservative, medical doctor and small businessman running against 22-year incumbent David Price, who votes with Nancy Pelosi more than any other congressman

Lawson in Lead vs. Incumbent David Price

The endorsements from Ron Paul and Senator Tom Coburn come at a great time, just as B.J. Lawson Pulls Into Lead in North Carolina Over Democratic Incumbent.

In case you missed it, please see a series of debates between B.J. Lawson and Price regarding the question What Should Congress do to Stimulate the Economy?

If you had any doubts about his ability to win this election, those doubts should now be history.

Don’t Just Sit There Do Something!

Money is always welcome, but so is your time and energy! Please click here to Volunteer Time, Services, or Money to B.J. Lawson.

Please do what you can to support B.J. Lawson. He is of a rare Ron Paul mode, and we cannot afford to let any opportunities to elect such candidates slip through the cracks.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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