Eric King has had a great list of guest interviews recently. Please see King World News Broadcast for a list.

Ben Davies discussed currency frictions and how that might eventually lead to war. Also see Hinde Capital’s Ben Davies: Currency Interventions Mark End Of Dollar Era And First Step Toward War on Business Insider.

Bill Fleckenstein talked about how reckless and arrogant policies by Greenspan and Bernanke are contributing to strength in gold and silver.

Art Cashin discussed the comments from the Walmart CEO regarding extremely significant and stronger sales at the beginning of the month. Meaning customers were coming into the store at 11 pm and shopping to get necessities like baby formula and other staples but shopping long enough for the government assistance cards to become activated at midnight and beyond.

Hugh Hendry looks for a big deflation event to happen ahead of currency debauchery. Hendry is also very bearish on China and thinks that China is due for a fall in terms of GDP.

Zero Hedge discusses the Eric King interview with Hugh Hendry in Interview With King World News: “If Inflation Is A Monetary Phenomenon, Hyperinflation Is A Political Phenomenon”

In general, I side with Hendry. All King interviews are lengthy, discussing topics in detail. Please give one or more of them a play. The interview with Hendry is particularly interesting.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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