This is a political post but a video clip from Dough Cloud also shows rather well how Congress works.

In addition to the above video, I have good news to report in the campaign front. Doug Cloud, a Ron Paul type candidate, has pulled into the lead in his race for his race in Washington District 6.

Doug writes …

Dear Mish,

I have not updated you on our campaign for some time. We have some very good news! The most recent poll on my race for Congress in Washington’s Sixth District shows me leading by 48% to 44%. This poll was completed on Thursday, Oct. 21. Our race is now very much in play.

The incumbent is ensnared in a variety of influence peddling and corruption scandals involving earmarks for political sponsors, friends and family.

There is no question in my mind that we will see a historical turning of the page this election, with dozens of incumbents being removed from office. My race is one where a long time incumbent who has done nothing but vote the big government party line for all of his 34 years in Congress is in serious trouble, precisely because of his votes in favor of TARP, the various bailouts, and his vote for Obamacare.

Please, alert your readers to our race and the real possibility that another long time incumbent will finally bite the dust of history.

Doug Cloud

Race Washington Overlooked

The National Review asks Could There Be One More Competitive House Race in Washington, Completely Overlooked?

Congressman Norm Dicks: 17-term incumbent Democrat in Washington. Chairman of the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee. Represents a D+5 district that includes parts of Tacoma and Bremerton and Port Angeles. Obama carried 57 percent of the vote; Dicks usually wins with 60some percent of the vote and hit above 70 percent a few times.

Doug Cloud is deputy prosecutor of Kitsap County.

As of October 13, Dicks had more than $511,000 cash on hand.

Cloud has $2,909 cash on hand.

And yet, here is this poll, suggesting the race stands at Cloud 48 percent, Dicks 44 percent.

I don’t think anyone has this district on their watch list…

They Do Now!

What To Do – How You Can Help

Just yesterday a reader with some money to contribute asked how to make the best use of it. My answer was to donate to campaigns now considered tossups. Since one poll is not necessarily accurate, certainly Doug Cloud’s campaign is worthy as well.

Please see my endorsement Doug Cloud for Washington District 6 – Tacoma. The post contains information on how to volunteer time and money.

Battle for House and Senate

On a national level, Real Clear Politics shows an election map with all the tossup races in play in Battle for the House.

Here is a map depicting the Battle for the Senate

There are many candidates worthy of your support, and Doug Cloud is a standout.

It is not often one gets the chance to elect a Ron Paul type candidate against a corrupt long-term opponent on the take. Do not let these chances slip away.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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