I have been waiting for unions members to start bitching about how the union cannibalizes new members in contract negotiations. Today it happened.

Please consider Facing layoffs, newer Newark police officers protest union’s favorable treatment of senior officers

Even as Newark’s police officers facing layoffs publicly voiced their frustration with their union leadership, a state appellate court issued a ruling that could end their jobs as early as Friday.

Union officials say they are doing all they can to prevent the layoffs, but contend the city has forced them into a corner. And one union official said older officers wouldn’t give “a dime” to prevent the layoffs.

Meanwhile, the court set a hearing for today on the city’s request to immediately end a 10-day stay on the layoffs granted last week by a lower court, said Derrick Hatcher, president of Newark’s Fraternal Order of Police.

If the city prevails at Friday’s hearing, Mayor Cory Booker’s plan to layoff 167 police officers could go into effect immediately, said Hatcher. A city spokeswoman did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

“An officer who has been on the job 15 years is not going to fight for you,” James Stewart, the union vice president, told the group outside. “Veteran guys are not giving up a dime,” he said.

The Union Lie

“Union officials say they are doing all they can to prevent the layoffs”. All it would take to save those jobs is a small cutback in wages or benefits.

Fire Them All

The problem is doing this in piecemeal. The city should fire 100% of them. That would get the unions attention. That likely sounds impractical, but it’s rather easy. Newark should consider one of two things, most likely both.

1. Declaring Bankruptcy
2. Outsourcing all police duties to a Sheriff’s Association.

The former is the real solution. Then the officers can see what benefits they can get in bankruptcy court.

By doing the latter, Newark could get more officers for a reduced rate. It is high time cities play hardball with public unions.

Taxpayers have had enough of paying more and more and more for fewer services.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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