WikiLeaks just gave Senator Joe Lieberman, Amazon, and the Department of Homeland Security what I consider to be a well deserved finger. Amazon dropped WikiLeaks from its servers but is now back up on servers in Sweden at

Let’s tie this all together starting with the Wall Street Journal Report WikiLeaks Site Kicked Off Amazon Servers Inc. has stopped hosting WikiLeaks from its Web servers, prompting the controversial group to move its website to a European provider.

Wikileaks said in a Twitter message that it had been “ousted” by the Seattle company, which sells Web services and storage in addition to being an online retailer.

In its message, Wikileaks said its money is “now spent to employ people in Europe.” The organization recently released a trove of sensitive U.S. State Department documents, and turned to Amazon’s Web services after it claimed its servers in Sweden were targeted by computer attacks.

White House Seeks New Ways to Hide Damaging Data

Political HotSheet reports White House Moves to Change Classified Information Procedures in Response to WikiLeaks

President Obama’s national security team is coordinating new interagency efforts to review and improve the way the government handles classified information, in the wake of the latest WikiLeaks release of secret information.

The White House announced today that Russell Travers, a deputy director at the National Counterterrorism Center, will lead a comprehensive effort to identify and develop the structural reforms needed to prevent future leaks.

The State Department and Defense Department are also conducting their own security reviews.

Meanwhile, Congress is set to pass whistle-blowing legislation to help government employees report corruption or mismanagement so they do not feel compelled to turn over secret information to outside groups like WikiLeaks. The Senate is expected to pass the bill this week, followed by the House.

Whistle-Blower Bill Gains Steam

The response from the administration is not to crack down on abuses but rather to provide new ways of ignoring abuses.

Just ask yourself, has anyone outside of Bernie Madoff ever been prosecuted, fired, or even reprimanded over fraud, torture, kickbacks, or anything else? Here’s the bonus-point followup question: How many times did the SEC fail to act on information that proved Bernie Madoff was a crook?

The answer to those questions help explain this pathetic response: After WikiLeaks, Whistle-Blower Bill Gains Steam

Following the latest baring of U.S. secrets on the Internet, Congress is poised to pass legislation giving employees in the most sensitive government jobs a way to report corruption, waste and mismanagement without turning to outside organizations like WikiLeaks.

President Barack Obama is expected to sign the bill, which supporters say will discourage leaks of classified information. The legislation would allow intelligence agency whistle-blowers to raise concerns within their agencies instead of giving classified materials to WikiLeaks or other outlets, which is illegal.

Without protections spelled out in law, whistle-blowers risk being fired or demoted for informing their chains of command about misconduct, according to Tom Devine, legal director at the Government Accountability Project. That leaves no alternative to anonymous – and potentially damaging – leaks unless whistle-blowers are willing to jeopardize their careers, he said.

Anyone who believes that propaganda has holes in the head. The WhiteHouse is not interested in acting on anything, the WhiteHouse is interested in stopping leaks.

So now we will get legislation that will allow whistle-blowers to submit reports to some undefined administration hack who will promptly throw the whistles into the ashcan.

Lie of the Day from Hillary Clinton

Inquiring minds are reading a statement from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that WikiLeaks Won’t Hurt U.S. Diplomacy

The recent leak of thousands of sensitive U.S. diplomatic cables will have no adverse effect on America’s international relations, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton declared Wednesday at a security summit.

“I have certainly raised the issue of the leaks in order to assure our colleagues that it will not in any way interfere with American diplomacy or our commitment to continuing important work that is ongoing,” Clinton said.

“I have not any had any concerns expressed about whether any nation will not continue to work with and discuss matters of importance to us both going forward,” she added.

“I anticipate that there will be a lot of questions that people have every right and reason to ask, and we stand ready to discuss them at any time with our counterparts around the world,” Clinton added.

Series of Lies

How’s that for a series of lies? If people have every right to ask questions, how the hell can questions be asked if the US government classifies everything it does not want anyone to know?

The US has no interest in discussing waterboarding, torture, the killing of innocent civilians with our allies or anyone else. The US wants to and is going to do everything it can to suppress that information.

If WikiLeaks has damaging information about Bank of America, we should all want to see it. We should all stand up for the rights to make that data public, not sweep it under the rug.

We do not have a Department of Homeland Security, we have a Department of Homeland Insecurity putting on a pathetic parade of pomp with full body scanners and pat downs that will not do a damn thing.

Why We Have Leaks

No one has bothered to tackle the question why we have security problems and leaks.

I will tell you why: The US has troops in 140 countries around the world, we arrogantly go where we have no vested interest going, we support corrupt regimes when it suits our purposes, we follow the asinine creed “the enemy of our enemy is our friend”, and we believe we – and we alone – act as the moral authority to be the world’s policeman.

When you do that you make enemies. When you make enemies you create security problems.

Instead of addressing WHY we make enemies, we setup sham terrorist organizations like the Department of Homeland Security whose efforts make us less secure.

Running List of Needed Criminal Investigations

Instead of addressing fundamental problems we want to stop leaks.

I will tell you how to stop leaks: Don’t do stupid things! Stop trying to be the world’s policeman. Prosecute fraud.

I have a running list of things we have ignored in FDIC Authorizes $1 Billion Lawsuits Against Failed-Bank Executives; Token Search for Low-Profile Scapegoats

It’s time to update my rolling list of who should be criminally indicted and why.

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How NOT to Stop Leaks

Fools like Lieberman think we can stop leaks by legislation. We can’t. We can only stop leaks by fostering an attitude from the top that will prosecute fraud and corruption instead of looking for scapegoats, and instead of pursuing policeman policies that “the end justifies the means”

President Obama is a blatant liar. He promised to release details of US torture of prisoners. He failed to do so. I praise WikiLeaks or anyone else who is willing to disclose the hypocrisy of this president and this administration.

I am not a Republican. I am an independent. I praise WikiLeaks or anyone else who is willing to disclose the hypocrisy of Republicans as well.

I fear for our country and the path it is taking.

We need to elect someone willing to stand up TO the banks, stand up TO our bloated military, stand up TO public unions, and stand FOR less government spending, stand FOR prosecuting fraud wherever it takes, stand FOR smaller government.

President Obama is not that person, nor was President Bush. We need a Ron Paul, or someone like him, willing to do what is needed before we destroy ourselves.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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