Saturday Evening I was on “The Eddie & JoBo Show” WLS 890 AM talking about the Quinn recall and Illinois taxes. I have an MP3 of the session.

Click here to Download and Listen.

The segment is about 14 minutes long and was a lot of fun. Play it to the end. It goes on for about a minute after the stated cutoff. They took one ad-hoc call that’s pretty funny.

For more on the Quinn Recall please see

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Illinois Pension Funding Worst In Entire U.S.

To gain an understanding of the sorry state of Illinois pension funds please see Interactive Map of Public Pension Plans; How Badly Underfunded are the Plans in Your State?

Once the map pops up, click on Illinois.

Taxpayers ought to be scared to death by Illinois pension plan funding with governor Quinn at the helm.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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