Libya Reacts to Qaddafi Speech

Please consider the following Youtube video of Libyans responding to one of Muammar el-Qaddafi’s speeches. In case the video does not show, click on the preceding link.

Note the shoe throwing, or “Shoeing” as it is called. It is a sign of huge disrespect.

Flashback December 2008: Shoes thrown at Bush on Iraq trip

A surprise visit by US President George Bush to Iraq has been overshadowed by an incident in which two shoes were thrown at him during a news conference.

An Iraqi journalist was wrestled to the floor by security guards after he called Mr Bush “a dog” and threw his footwear, just missing the president.

These uprising prove many things

  1. US policy of “Nation Building” has been a total and complete failure.
  2. US had no business invading Iraq.
  3. It is up to the people of these nations, not outsiders to force change at gunpoint.
  4. US “intelligence” operations are useless.
  5. US “intelligence” failed to predict any of these uprisings. One likely cause is so much useless “intelligence data” is gathered both in the US and abroad that no one has time to look at it all.

Thankfully, and at long last, the citizens of many nations have taken matters into their own hands. Not all of these revolts will be viewed as a success to US interests. Some may not be viewed as a success by anyone.

However, the results in aggregate, no matter what they are, will be far better than results of successive, misguided US policy missions in Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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