Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) and Senator Mike Lee (Utah) go after both Republicans and Democrats in a segment with Kudlow.

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Rand Paul on Balancing the Budget

Senator Rand Paul: “I do not think we should shut down government but I do not like either the Democrat or the Republican proposal. Both of them perpetuate enormous deficits. The annual deficit will be $1.65 trillion under the Democrats and $1.55 trillion under the Republicans.”

“I did not come to Washington to vote for deficits, I came to balance the budget, and cut federal spending. People at home don’t understand what’s going on. Up here people think we could never cut $500 billion. At home, when I tell them we are going to cut $500 billion, they say that’s only a third of the problem, I want you to cut more”

“This isn’t an either-or situation. It’s not a Hobson’s Choice. There is something in between. It’s not either we spend what they want or we shut it down. What if we spend what we have? I’m all for spending about $2.2 trillion, that about what we bring in.”

Fixing Social Security “In Perpetuity”

Rand Paul goes on to say that he will introduce a bill that will fix Social Security “In Perpetuity”. Details did not come out in the interview.

Rand Paul Accuses Obama of “Abdication in Leadership”

Senator Mike Lee: “We desperately need presidential leadership. So far what we’ve had from the president is radio silence.”

Senator Rand Paul: “I call it an abdication in leadership. I do not think he wants to lead or is willing to lead. I think we can have leaders in Congress who boldly say this is how we fix Social Security, this is how we fix Medicare, and this is how we fix the budget”

Rand Paul Introduces Five-Year Balanced Budget Plan

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Filling the Leadership Vacuum

I agree with Rand Paul’s charge about leadership. I said the same thing a few days ago in Global Crisis in Leadership Nearly Everywhere You Look

It is good to see someone attempt to fill the leadership vacuum, and in a productive manner.

Unfortunately little can happen because of the blockage in the Senate by the Democrats unless Obama is willing to lead, and lead responsibly. He won’t.

The sad reality is that none of the Republicans currently running for president in 2012 are willing to do what’s needed either.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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