Leave it to the California Teachers’ Association to prove without a doubt they will do anything to get their greedy ways. CTA suggested tactics include making students political and personal pawns of teachers’ by handing out assignments for kids to draw on photos of state legislature members.

Please consider Calif. Teachers Union Gives Shocking Protest Instructions: Harass Legislators, Shut Down Roads, Co-Opt Fire Drills

The California Teachers Association is planning a week’s worth of Wisconsin-style protests and rallies, from May 9-13, to “force legislature to pass tax extensions.”

That’s the short term objective of the “State of Emergency” protests, according to the website for the rallies. The longterm objective is to, “educate and convince communities to change tax structure and achieve tax fairness in order to achieve adequate, stable and ongoing funding for public education and essential public services.”

Please see the article for more details. Inquiring minds may also be interested in seeing the 10-page State of Emergency Action Items by the California Teachers’ Association.

Galling Proposals

  • Take ½ photo of Assembly members and have kids draw the other half with a message stating what they want for their teachers.
  • Moment of silence for every teacher RIF’d
  • Encourage college students to wear gray for the entire week – especially during finals week to mark the slow death of higher education
  • Student Video Contest: Have contest for youth to create a video about what education costs would mean to them

State of Emergency

Yes there is a “state of emergency”. The emergency is the California Teachers’ Association is brain dead, uncaring, and greedy beyond belief. You have to be brain dead or greedy to make kids political pawns in an effort to coerce money out of taxpayers.

Time and time again teachers’ unions step up to the plate an hit balls out of the park when it comes to proving how greedy they are and how little they care for the kids.

One additional proposal was “Work to the Contract” everyone would do ONLY what they are supposed to do according to the contract.


Teachers feel kids are short-changed so they want to guarantee it stays that way. This is additional proof (not that any is needed) union recommendations are entirely about the self-serving desires of teachers, and not about the kids at all.

Teachers should teach, not get kids involved in their own personal, political, and self-serving pet peeves.

Any teacher who tries any of the actions I mentioned above should be fired on the spot.

Unfortunately it is impossible to fire any teacher over this. In fact, it is impossible to fire teachers for blatant incompetence and it is even impossible to fire teachers for sexual misconduct. Union rules prohibit it.

Strong actions are needed to remedy this otherwise hopeless situation.

Strong Actions Needed

  • Pass national right-to-work laws
  • Scrap Davis-Bacon and other prevailing wage laws
  • Remove all collective bargaining powers of public unions

By that score, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker fell far short of what needs to happen. Nonetheless, I commend Walker for taking a huge step forward. Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Ron Paul need to carry forward with national right-to-work laws and the scrapping of Davis-Bacon.

Note that under the above proposals, unions could still exist, but cities and states would not have to bargain with them.

Collective Bargaining is Slavery

Forced collective bargaining is nothing more than slavery. I have made the case and will continue to repeat the case until it sinks in.

For details please see

One thing we have going for us is that asininity proposed by the California Teachers’ Association is bound to upset a lot of people who do not want their kids politically brainwashed by greedy teachers for the self-serving agenda of the teachers’ unions.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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