The images I posted in Meeting with Saxo Bank Chief Economist; My Speech in Copenhagen; Images of Stockholm and Copenhagen were raw unedited images. Burning and dodging a few select areas in Photoshop can help.

Reader “CH” took one of my images and sent it back with a message “I hope this doesn’t offend you”.

In a second email “CH” replied

I ‘dodged’ the boat. I also used a Photoshop plug-in called Topaz Labs Adjust.

Here is a before and after of a kayaker in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Kayaker and Ships – Raw Image

Copenhagen Kayaker and Ships – Edited Image

The contrast is now a bit too high, but the extra details on the kayaker and water are excellent.

Click on either image to enlarge.

I did not have time to alter any of the images in my original post. Many could have been improved.

Key to Quality Images

  • Start with an excellent composition and an exposure in the ballpark, +- 1/2 stop.
  • I prefer a slightly under-exposed image to an over-exposed one. Once detail is washed out, it cannot be recovered.
  • Shoot in the last two hours of the day or first two hours of the day for landscapes
  • People and flower closeups generally photograph best on bright overcast days.

I used to carry a boatload of Canon lenses and equipment, all professional.

  • 100mm macro
  • 70-200mm F2.8 L
  • 17-35 mm F2.8 L
  • 28-70 mm F2.8L
  • 24 mm Tilt-Shift
  • 2 Canon Camera Bodies
  • Tripod

I would guess that 75-85% of images I have ever taken were in the range 24-100mm range.
In Europe my equipment list looked like this:

  • EOS 5D full frame digital camera
  • 24-105 L lens

Camera Bags

The above two items fit nicely in a Lowepro Passport Swing Bag but one does have to remove the lens hood.

I used to carry a huge backpack that weighed a ton. Does it make sense to carry all that extra gear for 15-25% of the images?

The above bag will also hold a few filters, extra battery and battery charger, and other small items but it will not hold two lenses as the description of the bag says, unless the second lens is a small one or you do not have many extra items.

The length of the 24-105 lens is about 4.5 inches. Attached to the body, it takes up the entire removable padded center pocket.

For my current needs the above bag is nearly perfect but I wish it had a bit more padding in the side pockets. To carry an extra lens, I would advise putting some padding in the side pocket.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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