Ryan Stotland of the Bull and the Bear band pinged me with an email about an album of songs regarding the “Great Recession”.

Hello Mish

We just released Recession Sessions, which is an album of economics-themed songs dedicated to the Great Recession. It’s pioneering the genre of “financial folk”, and we’re hoping to use the album as a springboard to raise money and awareness for the Somerville Homeless Coalition.


In an Email exchange with Ryan, he confirmed that 33% of money raised will go to the Somerville Homeless Coalition.

The song that started it all three years ago is called Central Bankers’ Dilemma. Since then, the group has added 15 more songs. For more information about the artists and the songs please see Recession Sessions.

Three years and several continents later, the album is finished, but Ryan asks “is the crisis really over yet?”

I have a one word answer to that question: No.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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