Here is a pair of stories from the Los Angeles Times regarding still more protests. This time in Morocco and Kuwait.


Antigovernment protesters clash with police

Thousands of demonstrators Sunday took to the streets of Casablanca, the country’s largest city, in an antigovernment protest police struggled to disperse, driving into the crowd on motorcycles, armed with clubs.

A similar protest in the capital’s twin city of Sale on Sunday also was violently disrupted, as was a demonstration in front of the Moroccan parliament Saturday.

Protesters in Casablanca

Moroccan Police Battle Crowds

The LA Times credits the videos to well-known blogger named “Mamfakinch” (which roughly translates as “We won’t give up”).


2,000 rally to demand resignation of embattled prime minister

Pressure is building on Kuwait’s embattled Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Ahmad Sabah, who has come under fire for refusing to be questioned in parliament for allegedly misusing public funds, among other accusations.

Around 2,000 people took to the streets of the oil-rich gulf country’s capital amid tight security, chanting, “The people want to topple the head [of government],” in reference to Sheikh Nasser, according to [news agency] Agence-France Presse.

The 71-year-old Sheikh Nasser’s five years as premier have been marked by turbulence and he has come under constant fire by the opposition. He has resigned six times, and he formed his seventh Cabinet a couple of weeks ago.

Kuwaiti protesters are reportedly staging new rallies next Friday that they have dubbed “Day of Departure.”

Much of the world is simmering from high unemployment, corruption, rising food prices, and austerity programs.

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