Wisconsin Democrats, upset by fiscal sanity and common sense legislation that will benefit all Wisconsin have launched a recall campaign against six Republican legislators who sided with Governor Scott Walker on much needed collective bargaining legislation.

In response, some Republicans are hoping to win the primary by running as Democrats. The recall Republicans effort is this week.

Moreover, Republicans are hoping to recall two Democrat legislators. The Republican primary is July 19.

Please consider ‘Madness Abounds’ as Fake Candidates Confuse Wisconsin Recalls

Wisconsin voters will choose among real and fake Democrats this week to challenge six Republican senators in recall elections that may derail the agenda of Governor Scott Walker.

The primaries are the opening skirmish in a state at political war. The six districts in tomorrow’s races have Republicans running as Democrats, hoping to win the nomination and effectively render the Aug. 9 recall votes meaningless.

On July 19, there will be two primaries and a full-fledged recall aimed at Democratic senators who fled the state in February in hopes of blocking the measure, which touched off weeks of protests across the nation.

State election law allows open primaries, which means that voters can participate regardless of partisan affiliation. It also allows members of one party to enter another’s primary.

The state’s nine legislative recall elections compare with a total of 20 across the nation since 1913, according to Joshua Spivak, a senior fellow at the Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform at Wagner College in New York.

If any recalls succeed, that will encourage more, McCabe [Mike McCabe, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a nonprofit that advocates openness in government] predicted, including one that has been started against Walker, who cannot be ousted until he has been in office a year.

“We could more or less have a permanent election season continuing through 2012,” McCabe said. “It almost becomes a foregone conclusion about recalling the governor.”

Union-Busting is a “Godsend”

I comment Governor Walker and everyone who voted for his common-sense proposal. The results are in: Union-Busting is a “Godsend”; Elimination of Collective Bargaining is the Single Best Thing one Can do for School Kids

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