The state of Minnesota failed to process submitted license renewals for Miller and Coors beer products before the government shutdown.

As a result, state officials have informed Miller and Coors that beer sales for all their products must stop. Worse yet, the distributors are told to come up with a plan to take their products off the shelves.

To further show you how asinine this setup is, the licensing fee is a mere $30 for each of 39 brands involved, a grand total of $1170.

Please consider Shutdown Puts Beer Sales on Ice in Minnesota

The state shutdown means Miller-Coors will have to stop selling beer in Minnesota.

State officials have told the company, it must come up with a plan to remove it’s 39 brands of beer from shelves and in bars in a matter of days. The company failed to renew its brand license with the state before the shutdown. Each alcohol brand needs to pay a 30 dollar brand license fee. That fee is good for 3 years.

Without the license, Miller-Coors cannot sell in the state.

How much is the state going to lose in tax revenue? How much will stores lose in sales? Some things are so asinine you have to stop and shake your head at the stupidity of it all. This is one of those things.

Only a bureaucrat who deserves to be fired would dream of issuing an ultimatum like that to Miller and Coors.

The first thing the state should shut down is the idiots who made that ruling.


No sooner than I made this post than I see there is an agreement to end the shutdown. Regardless, it does not change the absurdity of the bureaucratic dunderheads in Minnesota that made the initial ruling.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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