Chris Christie takes on Republicans and Democrats in a blast at both party’s unwillingness to compromise. Christie also takes Obama to task for failure to produce a plan at all.

Link if above video does not play: Governor Christie on National Debt Talks: The Need for Bipartisan Compromise

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  • When you take these jobs, and you have to exert executive leadership, you have to put your cards on the table. The fact of the matter is the president has spoken in platitudes, but we have not seen a plan in writing form the president. That does not give an excuse to Republicans or Democrats to not come to an agreement.
  • There is no substitute to executive leadership. That means taking risks. We did it here [reducing entitlements and spending], but that only happened because I took risks first. I put a plan out there in writing.
  • Republicans and Democrats in Congress, and the president of the united states has to put his plan in writing and show it to people. And let’s have a great debate about it. But you can’t lead from behind.
  • I will put up our record of accomplishment, in divided government, with bipartisan work together against anybody in the country.

Chris Christie would make a tremendous president. I hope he reconsiders.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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