Yet another bloodbath is in the making in Asia Pacific. Moreover US futures are solidly in the red, and that is on top of the after-hours session that was in the red.

Also note that gold is soaring while silver and crude tank.

Here are a couple screenshots.

Asia Pacific Equities

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US Futures Rapidly Sinking

The first chart is delayed. The US Futures chart is real-time as of 8:22 PM central. The following charts are delayed.

In the time it took me to finish this post (it is now 8:44) S&P; futures are down 29 points (2.5%) and Nasdaq 100 Index Futures are down 53 points, (2.6%) and that is on top of the after hours session which was also down.

S&P;: 1083

Nasdaq: 1984

Cash values will be a bit higher.


Gold vs. Silver

Gold continues to act like a currency. Silver continues to act like a derivatives plaything.

Bear in mind silver has huge industrial usage while gold (not counting jewelry) only has 10% or so industrial usage. Yes, I know all about the reported silver shortages. So does everyone else and so does the market.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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