Mercy! What a close!

However, being the ever-optimist, I prefer to look at the bright side of things. Get your party hats ready. Another DOW 10,000 party may be on the way.

Equity Closing Snapshot 3:00 PM Central

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ES = S&P; 500 Futures

NQ = Nasdaq 100 Index Futures

$COMPQ = Nasdaq Composite Index

$SPX = S&P; 500 Cash Index

$NDX = Nasdaq 100 Cash Index

DUG =Double Inverse Energy ETF

S&P; 500 Cash Index was down 5.34%

Dow Cash Index was down 5.44%

Nasdaq Composite Index was down 6.86%

Nasdaq Cash Index was down 6.07%

Futures Closing Snapshot 3:15 PM Central

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Nasdaq Index Futures sold off another 19 points in the extended futures trading session. 147.25 points total.

Good News: S&P; 500 futures only sold off an additional 5 points in the extended session. Optimists like me can always find something to cheer about.

Today’s Recap

Obama Saves 100 Dow Points

I am pleased to report that I am not the only one who looks on the bright side. InstaPundit comments …

Dow Finishes Down 634 Points. Obama’s speech certainly did nothing to slow the drop, though I suppose the White House will argue that it would have been 734 without the speech, meaning that Obama saved or created 100 Dow points . . . .

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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