Six Republicans faced recall elections in the Wisconsin state Senate. Democrats needed to pick up three seats to have a chance at taking control. They picked up two seats, falling short.

Next week Senate Democrats face two recall elections. Thus, the Democrat’s gains may be short-lived.

5 Seats were decided earlier, the last seat was just announced. With 96% of the vote in, News 3 is calling District 8 for Incumbent Sen. Alberta Darling.

The Washington Post has the story on Wisconsin recall elections: Results live blog.

The two Democrat pickups were in liberal-leaning districts, with one Senator who barely won in the general election having other personal issues.

11:36 P.M.: Democrats have won a second state senate district — Oshkosh Deputy Mayor Jessica King (D) has beaten state Sen. Randy Hopper (R). King lost narrowly to Hopper in a 2008 race that went to a recount; this time around Hopper took hits not just for his voting record but for his messy divorce and relationship with a staffer.

Democrats have taken down two state senators — Dan Kapanke (R), and Randy Hopper. They need to win the final remaining race — against state Sens. Alberta Darling — to have a chance at taking back the state senate. Both Democratic state senators facing recalls next Tuesday will also have to hold onto their seats for the senate to change hands.

These elections mean Governor Scott Walker can continue with his common-sense efforts to reform Wisconsin.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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